When I started, I didn't have anyone to train me. I wasted hunders of dollars on solution practicing.   

Check out the video below to see what happens when you aren't trained.

The portable tent was shipped without instructions, as a result I bent the frame and had to replace it-$75.00. 

Selling the kit without training would be more convenient for me but that’s not the reason I chose to sell them. Sunless Spray Tans have gotten a bad rap over the years and more people need to be educated on how to get a beautiful, bronzed, healthy tan. 

I want customers to be successful and grow their business. 

Correcting a Mistake

You’re going to make mistakes and if you don’t know how to correct them during the tanning session you will be getting text and calls from clients asking how they are supposed to correct the mistake you made. 

All Those Questions

There will always be typical questions but occasionally, you will get questions that you might not know how to answer. What do you do…Google it? Not a good look while your customer is standing right beside you. 

Happy Clients 

You want happy clients and it shouldn’t matter if you are spraying friends, family or customers. Once the solution sets it takes days and a lot of exfoliating to remove so if you don’t get it right during the session you won’t have returning customers and your friends won’t want you to continue to spray them.

Be an Expert

You should feel confident in your skills, products and services because your customers are expecting you to be an expert. They are relying on you to know what you’re doing. 



There is nothing better than getting a message from a new customer that was referred. It validates the reason you started your business and the level of customer service you gave was superior. 

Why Training is So Important