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Start a mobile biz or offer tans out of your house for friends and family.  Live in an apartment or a community neighborhood?  You don't have to leave home or you can walk to neighbors.  No driving around getting lost, wasting fuel. 

If you own a hair, nail salon or massage center add spray tanning services to your current location(s).

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When I started, I didn't have anyone to train me. I wasted hundreds of dollars on solution practicing.   


My first portable tent was shipped without instructions, as a result I bent the frame and had to replace it-$75.00. 

Selling the kit without training would be more convenient for me but that’s not the reason I chose to sell them. 

Sunless Spray Tans have gotten a bad rap over the years and more people need to be educated on how to get a beautiful, bronzed, healthy tan. 

I want customers to be successful and grow their business. 

Correcting a Mistake

You’re going to make mistakes and if you don’t know how to correct them during the tanning session you will be getting text and calls from clients asking how they are supposed to correct the mistake you made. 

Be an Expert

You should feel confident in your skills, products and services because your customers are expecting you to be an expert. They are relying on you to know what you’re doing. 

Check out this video to see what happens when you aren't trained. You definitely don't want this to happen.